Common Internet Marketing Acronyms Defined


How is PPC different than SEO? ?What exactly do “CTR” and “CRO” mean? The world of digital marketing is changing and we can help you stay on top of it! We’ve compiled this list of resources to help business owners, HVAC & Plumbing contractors and marketing executives make better marketing decisions.

The world of marketing is going through revolution.?Traditional advertising strategies like direct mail, yellow pages and newspapers are being (quickly) replaced with email, pay per click, search engine optimization and social media marketing. As a business owner, you probably find it difficult to keep up with all the new lingo, but you’re going to have to try if you want to maximize your marketing ROI.

In the coming months, we’ll be publishing a comprehensive list of marketing resources – created specifically for the owners of small (and not so small) businesses. Check back often and if you have something you’d like to contribute, please contact us through the “Contact” link above.

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