10 Myths About HVAC Marketing Ideas

While there are many HVAC marketing ideas & tips, there are also some?misleading?concepts about HVAC marketing. Here are ten HVAC marketing myths that you should know.

HVAC Marketing Ideas

1. It’s about who you know & how big your network is. While knowing people helps, putting your message out there in a quality package will go a long way toward building the credibility that will get customers to trust you with their HVAC needs. Appear everywhere possible and use the internet, social media, email, and implement a referral program that rewards the finders.

2. Online and offline marketing are separate entities. In fact, blending the two by linking to your website in a print ad or direct mail piece lets leads find out more about you before becoming a customer.

3. All?HVAC customers are on social media. Nearly everyone is on some form of social media these days. The current reality is, if you want to go where the people are, some form of social media marketing is required. Besides, it’s a great way to build relationships and you might even “go viral” and get a lot of attention for your business. Announce your specials and promotions on Facebook and e-mail your offers frequently.

4. Email marketing is free. Many people try email marketing because they think it’s free, but they don’t realize that a quality email newsletter requires the same design expertise as other marketing techniques to be effective. Email marketing can be effective, but consistency of the overall strategy is key. Our recommendation is to automate the email campaigns using auto responders and workflows. It will save you time.

HVAC Marketing Ideas, Marketing Tips

5. Phone book advertising will make your business. While this may have been true at one time, use has decreased 44% in recent years, with just 35% of even the 55 and up crowd considering it their primary source for information about goods and services. Most people now use the Internet.

6. Being “first” or the “leader” is the only way to success. Every leader was once a startup, and marketing coupled with good products and service means more than being able to call yourself #1.

7. Good products sell themselves. While word of quality products and service does have a way of getting around, it often needs encouragement in the form of good marketing to help it along.

8. Nobody reads email anymore. While many emails do go unread, emails that are requested and relevant are not only read, but acted upon in significant numbers. Building an opt-in email list is worth the effort.

9. Content marketing must have a call to action. The best content marketing offers information that the reader wants. Trying too hard can be worse than not trying at all.

10. Everyone is my target audience. Prospective HVAC customers are a target market – homeowners, landlords and house flippers. Knowing the specific market for your services allows you to save money by targeting those likely to buy your products.

In summary, we presented you with a ten HVAC marketing myths. If your HVAC dealer needs help with new media marketing & struggling to generate new leads – contact your Chicago HVAC marketing experts today.

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